Distribution of Software, SaaS and Cloud Services

Webstore or Marketplace

Your distribution channel and customers can find, review and consume products from all your vendors through a public or closed webstore or marketplace. Promote your partners through the Skills Catalog and use the B2B checkout to simplify the way your products are purchased online.

Self Help Portals

A full range of portals full of useful features are available out of the box to make it easy for your community of vendors, resellers and customers to manage their relationship with you and to simplify administrative processes.

Billing & Payments

The Saxum platform makes it easy to generate your invoices and to calculate sales taxes no matter what your jurisdiction is. Our flexible payment processing platform provides you with the flexibility to offer an endless array of payment options to your customers and to provide local payment methods on a global scale. We make it easy to bill your customers and to collect your money.

Distribution Made Easy

Saxum provides an integrated platform for Cloud, SaaS and Software Distributors with comprehensive functionality to simplify operational complexity while making the business and your channels more efficient and competitive. Whether you sell direct to the customer or through a channel, you can be up and running in weeks ... not months.

No System is an Island

With power web-services, APIs and custom integration options, the Saxum platform can co-exist with your other systems to form a part of a seamless business solution across your whole organization. The capability to easily connect to your orchestration and licensing systems makes deployment of new customers a breeze and affords them the ability to easily manage their subscription configurations.

Generate Sales

The built in search engine optimization tools and traffic analytics helps drive potential customers to your site and then provides you the information you need to understand your markets and turn prospects into customers.

Marketing & Merchandising

Keep your community informed about new and updated products and services to create new sales opportunities while ensuring that your customers are aware of the growing value and benefits of the solutions you offer. Use the merchandising tools to up and cross sell solutions together with offering special offers, deals and partner programs to dirve sales.

Enable Your Channels

Create stronger and "stickier" relationships with your channel by providing them the tools they need to get to market quicker and to be more effective wihtout having to invest time and money into the technology they need for transacting in the cloud and subscription economies.

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What we do

Saxum Commerce are leaders in providing solutions that are critical to the success of a digital vendor's commerce strategy while also assisting them in improving their customers' experience, reducing sales friction and driving revenue growth so that they can focus on their strategy and not the systems that underpin it.