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6 Keys to creating a great B2B customer experience

B2B companies are witnessing a shift in the sales process from brand-driven to consumer-driven sales. Where outgoing marketing messages were once the primary means by which a customer learned about a business or product, nowadays, prospects glean that information from myriad sources, most notably each other. From photos to product specs to pricing ...
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5 Ways to Generate More B2B Deals

As global markets change and become more "local" so the demands on B2B will increase to meet these new opportunities. However, do it right and the reward of increased sales can be achieved. Consider some of these ...

25% of a salesperson's time is spent doing research - not only is this a massive resource cost on a collective basis to businesses around the world, but were you to provide comprehensive information that was easy to find and on which to make a buying decision together with an easy purchasing process in a single place and rather than scouring the world, the salesperson will see your commerce site as a preferred source.Google does not generate B2B deals - Google will direct a lead to your commerce site, what happens at your site is what will close deals. The better the decision making tools, the better the information provided and the simpler and friendlier the user experience, the more likelihood there will be of a deal being concluded.Only 35% of B2B social branding generates sales - Business makes buying decisions based on information, solution building, price and numerous other factors. If you consider that 65% of the sales are generated by these factors, then your B2B Commerce site and systems must provide the features to deliver the relevant content to your visitors.BRIC is growing rapidly - Use your B2B Commerce platforms to expand your business to the largest growing economies (Brasil, Russia, India and China). While your B2B Commerce platform needs to support localized payment, language and service needs, B2B offers you a way to enter these markets and to generate new opportunities.Use Multiple Channels - It is a global multi-channel road ahead to reach more customers through more touch points. Expanding your B2B allows you to go-to-market using traditional and emerging sales channels like resellers, on-line stores, subscriptions, in-product consumption, AppStores, social purchasing and mobile commerce.


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Can B2B Commerce help business software vendors transition to a direct-to-consumer model

Business software vendors like Sage, Microsoft, SAP and most others are slowly growing their direct-to-consumer model. It just so happens that these consumers are businesses. A few of the factors driving this shift includes:

Consumer experience – businesses are run by people and the experiences that these people have had with their consumer purchases is driving their perception and expectation of business transacting.Technology - it is much easier today for a vendor to deliver a rich experience through new technology like SaaS and mobile.Revenue and margins – these new technologies open the opportunity to migrate existing customers and to attract new customers into recurring revenue models, which deliver substantial margins.

However, to continue to deliver enhanced functionality and high levels of local services, it is essential that the vendor keep their current ecosystem of value added resellers and independent software vendors (“ISVs”) engaged. Were this not to happen, the vendor’s business could be substantially negatively affected.

To deliver a direct-to-consumer model and at the same time deliver a consistent experience for the customer and keep the ecosystem fully engaged is going to add substantial demands on the systems used by software vendors as legacy systems generally do not have the features needed to achieve this.

Consider that if a customer needs a SaaS solution that comprises the vendor product plus two ISV products to build a solution and they are using a reseller to assist with the project to take the system live.

Then, if a suitable system is not in use by the vendor, the customer would need to make purchase decisions on multiple websites, have 3 different recurring billing transactions (if the ISVs have acceptable systems as well!) and have 3 different payment transactions. What about the reseller that is entitled to a commission on the sale?

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