Apple has proved it works for consumers. Now it is strategic for business.

Before SaaS, Social Business or any of the myriad of buzzwords currently common to our business day came Apple and to put it quite simply Apple has changed the buying and consumption habits of millions of people around the world and in turn, has impacted heavily on our business models.

While Apple’s focus is on the consumer and the model does not directly translate to the business space, the influences they have brought to the business world include:

There is an App for everything: If there is anything you want to do on your mobile device, the chances are that there is an App for it. These Apps are also easy to find, evaluate and purchase.

Simplified decision-making: Because the Apps are easy to find and compare and the information provided about the products is comprehensive, the decision making process is made much easier for the consumer and the time to make the decision is substantially less.

Money can be made by helping others to be successful: Creating an extensive developer ecosystem and then helping them to reach consumers has made millionaires of some of the most unlikely people. It has also delivered an invaluable service to the consumer at really good prices. And yet, as is easy to see, Apple has made billions out of it!

Growing a passionate and loyal ecosystem: If we all had customers and suppliers as passionate as those that Apple has … well I guess we could all be an “Apple”. By delivering quality products at acceptable prices in a way that is easy, safe and reliable, Apple has endeared their ecosystem and been envied by their competitors.

If your brand is used to help others – take a share: Apple has created a brand that is highly valuable and enriches the ecosystem. The building of the brand and maintaining its stature is not cheap. While the ecosystem is synergistic to Apple’s success, Apple has provided the framework within which the ecosystem can thrive and make substantial returns. It is only fair that apple take a share of this success.

Can you strategically afford to ignore this phenomenon and not look at creating your own ecosystem driven marketplace.

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