Are You a Dog - The Internet Does Not Care

Are you a dog - The internet does not careSo you are a small or medium sized software vendor and with tough competition out there you need to be perceived to be bigger and better to close more deals.

Well if ever there was a reason to embrace the web trend for SMB software, this is definitely one of them.

Business is becoming more and more comfortable with finding, selecting and procuring solutions on-line. The argument about traditional sales processes requiring trusted advisers to hold the customer’s hand from start to finish is becoming myth rather than reality … although many software vendors still find it hard to believe that the world has moved forward.

Sure, in many cases, there is a need for the channel in both the sale and implementation of SMB software but they are getting involved much later in the sales cycle and customers are looking for products that do not require the same intense levels of channel or direct involvement as was needed in the past.

We just have to look to the stellar growth that many “new age” SMB software providers like Xero, Box, Intacct, and others are seeing to understand that the demand is there and that SMB software vendors need to embrace the trend and move their businesses in that direction.

So, apart from product, here are a few pointers that should be considered to help make your business more competitive.

Get active with SEO: If you want to be found this is essential and it does not have to burden you unduly. There are many great tools out there that are inexpensive and easy to use and with minimal time and effort will enhance your profile immensely.

Give your website a revamp: This is the first perception that a prospective customer will have of your business. Use an open source CMS system, add a standard off the shelf professional template, convert your existing content into your new CMS and you are up and running.

Add new quality content: More than 75% of an SMB's purchase decision is based on the information available on which to base his decision. By providing both quality and quantity content, the potential to sell grows exponentially.

Implement an ecommerce solution: There are many studies that show how a multi-channels sales approach and a frictionless purchasing process can substantially increase sales. By implementing an ecommerce solution you can both add a new sales channel and simplify the purchase process for the customer.

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