No RatingsIn the enterprise software space, showing product ratings is not always a great idea.

There are a number of reasons for this:

This is not to say that all products are equal or that some should not be forced out of the market, but it does suggest that this is not the responsibility of a ratings engine to decide.

As an alternative, the following could be used:

Rich Content: All products in the marketplace should have rich content which properly showcases its features, benefits and successes. This content can include customer stories, public relations, product videos, vertical market solutions, brochures and downloads.
Developer Programs: Define minimum standards through your ISV programs that dictate the status required in order to publish products in the marketplace.
Developer Profile: Awards, years in business, number of customers, areas of expertise and the developer membership status can be used to profile the developer as an organization.

Although a bit more effort is required, there are many ways to properly provide relevant and rich information to customers so that they can make a quality purchase decision without risking the potential dangers of relying on a rating.