The Skills available in your ecosystem are critical to your success

Skills MarketPeople and businesses with a diverse set of skills make up the software vendor’s ecosystem or supply chain and these skills are critical to the successful sale, implementation and support of systems for end users.

Having visibility of these skills on a global basis provides an invaluable tool for ensuring that the vendor remains competitive by knowing where skills can be deployed or where training and recruitment may be required.

For service providers wanting to promote their specialist skills and for customers needing these skills, a web search engine cannot provide the fine grained results showing the availability of approved skills resources quickly and easily.

Where new projects are being resourced, simplifying the process to promote the project and invite responses for the provision of the services required for the project would make the customers life a whole lot easier.

A Skills Market would provide a substantial solution to these issues and would ensure that:

  • Projects are efficiently resourced
  • Channel partners, with the appropriate skills, can be found and contracted
  • The customers can quickly and easily find appropriate resources to assist with their projects
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