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Complete E-Commerce Solutions for Software & SaaS VendorsManaging the modern software business requires a new breed of system that caters for a diverse set of requirements critical to their success. While the top of mind requirements tend to focus on the current trend toward subscription billing, the systems should also consider:

  • How will your customers subscribe to your services
  • How will your partners sell your subscription services - are they enabled 
  • How do you sell and provision both your licensed and cloud products
  • How will your partners and customers manage their subscriptions
  • How are commission splits managed
  • How do you collect recurring payments on a global scale
  • How do you deliver integrated ISV products to your customers in a seamless and simple way

Join us at our webinar to see how the Saxum integrated platform can simplify operational complexity while making the business and your channels more efficient and competitive.

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Date October 8th October 6th October 7th
Time AEST : 9am PST : 12pm
EST : 3pm
CET : 9am
Duration 1 Hour 1 Hour 1 Hour

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Webstore or Marketplace

Customers and Resellers can find, review and consume both your products and those of your ISV community through a public or closed webstore or marketplace. Promote your partners through the Skills Catalog and use the B2B checkout to simplify the way your products are purchased online.

Self Help Portals

A range of portals full of useful features are available out of the box to make it easy for your community of ISVs, resellers, distributors and customers to manage their relationship with you and to simplify administrative processes.

Generate Sales

The built in search engine optimization tools and traffic analytics helps drive potential customers to your site and then provides you the information you need to understand your markets and turn prospects into customers.

Billing and Payment

The Saxum platform makes it easy to generate your invoices and to calculate sales taxes no matter what your jurisdiction is. Our flexible payment processing platform provides you with the flexibility to offer an endless array of payment options to your customers and to provide local payment methods on a global scale. We make it easy to bill your customers and to collect your money.

Channel Management

Managing resellers and distributors is complicated and adds an administrative burden to your business. Also, it can be difficult to access the insights you need to engage your partners and to generate revenue growth. Saxum Commerce offers a channel management solution through which you can engage more partners, access real-time analytics and enhance your competitive edge while efficiently enabling your channels.

Licenses and Subscriptions

You can offer your customers the option of either on-premise licenses or subscription based products off the same platform. Incorporate annual maintenance fees into your licenses or sell subscriptions based on fixed fee, quantity or consumption models.

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