Enable and Manage Your Channels

Managing resellers and distributors is complicated and with siloed ERP and CRM systems, adds an administrative burden to your business. Also, it can be difficult to access the insights you need to engage your partners and to generate revenue growth.
Saxum Commerce offers a channel partner commerce solution from where you can engage more partners, access real-time analytics and enhance your competitive edge while efficiently enabling your channels.


Easy Partner Engagement

Simplify the engagement process for your partners, making it easier to find, review and consume your products and services.

Partner Programs

Predefine the programs under which your partners operate to easily manage the geographies and products with which they work, the pricing srtuctures that they have access to and benefits they will get from your tiered partner programs.

Enable Your Channel

The changing nature of the market constantly adds new pressures on your channel. Consider changes in revenue models, the shift to the cloud, billing methods and payment collection and you will see how these can impact heavily on the effectivesness of your channel if they do not have the solutions to keep them relevant.

With Saxum Commerce, you can enable your channel by providing them with the solutions they need so that they can focus on sales as opposed to building their own solutions.


Gain actionable insights into the activities of your channel through which you can optimize channel performance. Analytics provides you an understanding of your channel efficiency by reviewing revenue and discounting trends. Analyze geographic distribution for insights into the capabilities your partners and their effectiveness in particular markets.

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What we do

Saxum Commerce are leaders in providing solutions that are critical to the success of a digital vendor's commerce strategy while also assisting them in improving their customers' experience, reducing sales friction and driving revenue growth so that they can focus on their strategy and not the systems that underpin it.