A Marketplace for Your Entire Ecosystem

A marketplace where your entire ecosystem can find, review, consume and manage products and services from a range of vendors quickly and easily while delivering an enhanced customer experience and driving sales growth.


Multi Vendor Catalog

A catalog of products and services from multiple vendors making it possible for your customers and partners to build complete solutions for their specific needs. 


Simplify mundain administrative tasks through the use of portals and by providing the capability to manage subscription renewals, change plans, retrieve software licenses, track purchase history, reprint invoices and more.

SEO & Analytics

SEO drives traffic and new opportunities to your marketplace. Turn this traffic into new sales opportunties by using the "big data" to understand the needs and habits of your ecosystem.


Easily create special offers and automate the notification of your ecosystem about them. Track the effectiveness of your merchandising activities to see which of them deliver the best results.

Multi-Sided Transactions

Automate the management of revenue splits on transactions across vendors, resellers, customers, distributors and the markeptlace to ensure that all parties get their share of the transaction and to reduce administrative burden.

Licensing & Provisioning

Vendor licenses or provisioning of a cloud service takes place immediately after a purchase is completed. Saxums marketplace solution lets vendors onboard, sell and provision their products in less than 5 minutes without the need to customize their orchestration tools.

Subscriptions & Licenses

Offer your customers the option of either on-premise licenses or flexible subscription plans. Incorporate annual maintenance fees into your licenses or sell subscriptions based on fixed fee, quantity or consumption models.

Payment Collection

Saxum's payment processing platform provides you with the flexibility to offer an endless array of payment options to your customers and to provide local payment methods on a global scale. We make it easy to bill your customers and to collect your money.

Webstore & Checkout

Create & style your own shop front with rich content including videos, images and documents to provide an awesome user experience together with a streamlined checkout, maximizing sales and reducing abandoned carts.

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What we do

Saxum Commerce are leaders in providing solutions that are critical to the success of a digital vendor's commerce strategy while also assisting them in improving their customers' experience, reducing sales friction and driving revenue growth so that they can focus on their strategy and not the systems that underpin it.