Grow Your Subscription Business

As a subscription business evolves, so it needs an integrated solution that provides the flexibility and ease of use to manage and grow customers and sales through multiple channels.


Lifetime Customer Value

The relationship with your customers has many touch points including acquisition, fullfillment and payments. Each of these touch points also creates a revenue opportunity. Saxum provides you the tools to properly service your customers through the touch points while also maximizing the lifetime revenue opportunity from each customer.

Revenue Management

Saxum Commerce is here to help you prevent lost revenue, gain business insights, and spend less time managing your billing. This is achieved through minimizing payment declines, maximising renewals, simplifing upgrades and by providing flexible subsciptions plans which are easy to purchase and provision.

More Than Subscriptions

When building out your subscription strategy, there is much more to consider than just the billing engine. Consider that you would need a catalog or webstore, portals for your supply chain, commission calculations for partners ... the Saxum solution delivers !


Create as many plans per product as you require to provide flexibility and choice for your customers.


Offer trials which automatically convert to paid subscriptions on expirey of the trial.

Subscription Changes

As your customer's needs change so they can easliy update their plans including updgrades, downgrades and quantities. 

Usage Billing

Include unlimited consumption metrics and billing with your plans and automate the collection of usage data.


Integrated provisioning capabilities to make the launching of new services and changes to existing plans a breeze.

Supply Chain

Manage the customer and geographic assignment of your entire supply chain of resellers, ISVs and distributors and simplify comission calculations and payments.

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What we do

Saxum Commerce are leaders in providing solutions that are critical to the success of a digital vendor's commerce strategy while also assisting them in improving their customers' experience, reducing sales friction and driving revenue growth so that they can focus on their strategy and not the systems that underpin it.